Can’t sleep cause took concerta at night

So I own these now

am i buzzed maayyybe *turns into a thousand bees*

Sneaky snack 
Sneaky shot

Sneaky snack
Sneaky shot

Holy heckle batman
Phsyc prof is a real snooze
Remind me to take honors classes again.

so sorry about the sideways but which one

also first time for coworkers to see my butt in normal clothes. 

Deciding at 19 to become a pianist, meanwhile 5 year olds are kicking ass on ravels mirrors and I can barely play Satie T.T

Whitney Houston - How Will I Know
12,151 plays


How Will I Know - Whitney Houston

Did you know I love Whitney Huston?

is it possible to twerk in roller skates?

Just a note about life and posting

It’ll be a little less frequent Maura’s in school now